I really love to go abroad during our summer break

I really love to go abroad during our summer break

Living up in the cold north summer is the time of year we get to thaw out. Norway usually doesn’t provide the stabile hot weather I (as 50% Caribbean) crave, so we have made a tradition of going to Spain for 3 weeks every summer for the last nine years.

The main reason we keep coming back to Spain instead of exploring other destinations is that my dad moved from TOBAGO to Spain 5 years ago to be closer to us kids and grandkids living in Norway. It makes it easier to get together more often, we get some sun and he still gets to enjoy the airconditioning from inside the house 😉

This year, being a solo entrepreneur I decided to stay 4 weeks for the first time ever, and it has been amazing. I have gotten some work done in the evenings and had a few coaching sessions on Skype, but mostly I have re-charged my batteries and up-leveled my vitamin D storage for the dark cold winter ahead 😉 Now it’s getting close to going back home, and I am ready to take on the fall!

Enjoying life,

Siv Priscilla

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