How I finally got started!

How I finally got started!

This blog has been on my mind for a long time and now it is up and running. What took me so long, you ask? Perfectionism, feeling like an imposter, overwhelm, the techy stuff… I could go on and on but there is one word that sums it all up; FEAR!

What was I afraid of?

  • Of not having anything to say
  • Of no one reading the blog
  • Of being an imposter
  • Of letting others down
  • Of letting my self down
  • Of being irrelevant
  • Of not figuring out the tech
  • The list could go on

It’s scary putting yourself out there in new ways and I was scared of making a fool of myself for most of my life. I slowly came to realize that it wasn’t serving anyone, least of all myself, to pay more attention to the possible negative outcomes than the possible positive outcomes. Sure, I could fail…

But what if I succeed!

What if I have stories inside of me that need to be shared. What if someone is waiting to hear those stories and not feel alone in the experience. What if my struggles and successes can inspire others to dare to step into the water and get uncomfortable in order to bring their dreams into reality.

Suck is part of success

Siv Priscilla

You will suck before you succeed!

We all look at overnight successes and think they got to fame and fortune literally overnight. That is most of the time not true at all. People who eventually become successful have probably failed and sucked many times before they succeed. The only difference is that they keep getting back up, and they keep going. They try different ways, they learn from their failures, they focus on their desired outcome, and they don’t quit.

Anyone who has witnessed a baby learning to walk will see this trait in action. Never once has a baby, after trying to take their first step and fall on their a**, decided walking wasn’t for them and quit. They keep getting back up, trying again, falling and getting back up and so on till they finally crack the code.

Adopt the child’s mindset and go after what you want with curiosity and bounce back power, I know I will 😉

You’ve got what it takes to start

Siv Priscilla

Go for it,

Siv Priscilla

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