For the love of BOOKS!

For the love of BOOKS!

Ever since I was a child I have loved to read. Books were always on the top of my wishlist for Christmas and birthdays and I would devour them much too fast. Just couldn’t help myself. Back then I only read for entertainment, but coming into young adulthood I discovered educational books on topics that interested me. That allowed me to combine my love of books and my curiosity for human nature.


These days one of my biggest challenges is that there are so many interesting books out there, and not enough time to read them all.

Make time fly

I discovered Audible, an audiobook app, in 2013 and have been a member since. As much as I love the smell of inked paper and the feeling of turning pages listening to audiobooks is a great way to read and learn while doing boring household chores or commuting to and from places. Being the impatient kind that prefers to get straight to the point, I love that I can choose the speed of the narration and I find myself mostly going at x 1.75 or x2 the original speed. I cannot tell you how time flies when I vacuum away with my iPhone in a fanny pack and earplugs in place listening to a topic that fascinates me.


This summer I devoted time for reading just for the escape and I read four Lucinda Riley novels during the last three weeks. There is such relief in deep diving into another world and joining the characters in their processes. There is always something to learn about human nature in good fiction as well.

So many humans wandered round in circles, wishing for a future they were too fearful to seize.

Lucinda Riley, The Pearl Sister


The wonderful perk to loving to read is that I never run out of books to read. I always find new books to add to both my Audible app and my bookshelf. Airport bookstores are like candy stores for me. Right now I am trying to discipline myself to stay within the same topic at least, but I admit it is hard when I am a multi-passionate creative 😉

So, if you aim to grow as a person, professional or just looking for a new hobby, reading comes highly recommended by me!

Stay tuned, follow my blog and I will share book tips and great reads in the future.

Enjoy life,

Siv Priscilla |Dream Pilot

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