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Hello! I’m Siv Priscilla, the author of the I’ll take a seat – blog. I’m showing up to inspire you to find the courage to be a leader, doing those things that will make your life and business grow.

I’ve come to view failure as our most valuable teacher. Those golden experiences of falling flat on our faces and being able to look at the situation through the eyes of our best friend. When we’re observing with the desire to accept our mistakes, learn from them, turning them into wisdom… THAT is living and growing. The ability to be real with ourselves and others is the only foundation for exponential growth and purpose-filled life.


I’ve nearly 30 years of experience within communications, service & sales, HR, public appearances, and leadership. I’ve been an entrepreneur since 2010 and I’m obsessed with people and developing the path to a purpose-driven life and business. I dive headfirst into deep conversations and love, love, love to see others grow and achieve their goals!

So, my strength is to identify the core challenge and deliver it back to you in a way that inspires and challenges you to rise higher. My raw desire is to see you strengthened and succeeding in reaching your potential for your own sake, your employer, and society. (We need you)

People who know me say I’m Real, Energetic, Curious, Bold & Empathetic, and I’ll show up like that here on my blog every month.


I believe that daring to dream & daring to do combined with starting before you’re ready, is a sure way of getting what you want in life and business!

Magic happens when doers start to dream and dreamers start to do… now

Siv Priscilla

Now it is time to get serious about what you want. Not clear to you? Start allowing yourself to dream again. And follow my blog for inspiration to keep going because someone is waiting for you to offer what only you can do! I PROMISE!

// Siv Priscilla

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